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Advice to new writers

3 Months Ago

A lot of writers will tell you to read and that is fine, but that will only help you so far.  You need to write, you need to have others read your stuff and point out where you need to improve.  Reading will show you how others write, but it isn't really going to help you find your style.   The more you write the more you will find what your style is and learn to use it to tell better stories.
The one thing I will tell you not to read, or at least don't waste money buying is those how to write books by this author or that one.  They are packed full of information that you can learn just by talking to your fellow writers.  Those books don't give you some magical formula to writing a book that a publisher is going to accept.  Trust me on this I have read a ton of them, they are in my attic collecting dust now.