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I want this group to really come together and read one particular work at the same time. If you cannot invest the time to read and review one book or story at a time, please do not join. I will select a work to read from submissions sent in and we will take the time to read it over and leave your comments. Please limit your opinion to constructive comments...don't tear into someone if you don't like their work. I will have a deadline for each work so we may move on to the next and get to everyone!
Scottie Elisabeth is our next choice with Quarrantine

Week one April 6-April 12: Chapters 1-5
Week two April 13-April 19: Chapters 4-10
Week three April 20-April 26: Chapters 11- 15
Week four April 27-May 3 : Chapters 16-20
Week five May 4-May 10 : Chapters 21-25
Week six May 11-May 16 : Chapters 26-30
Week seven May 17-May 23 : Chapters 31-33

If you fall behind, do what you can. This may be a fairly rigorous itinerary, but we need to make it through to move on to the next.
Please feel free to e-mail me with questions!

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Scotland, United Kingdom

still on the forum! Let me know if you guys wanna stop by an..