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So we�re going to try something that gives us all a little more flexibility. Here are the new rules.

First the good news. You can review anybody you like and review as little or as much as you like. If you need a week off, take a week off. If you want to review 18 times, please most certainly do so. Instead of operating on a mandatory assignment system, we�re going to move to an incentive system.

The only limitation is that we ask you NOT review a person�s work more than once until you have reviewed everybody at least once.

Instead of a required number of reviews, we request that you keep track of who you�ve reviewed and which piece and submit that information to the admins by NO LATER than NOON on Sunday at the end of the week. Any reviews NOT submitted by NOON on Sunday will NOT BE COUNTED. You can submit them as you do them or all in one document to [email protected] or [email protected].

For the FIRST WEEK of each cycle, once we have received your review information for the week, the admins will tally number of reviews completed and rank the members in order of number of reviews, with the most completed first and least as last. Each member will be assigned a point value based on his or her place in the rankings, with the person that reviewed the most being given the most points, and so down to one point for the person that reviewed the least. If there is a tie the admins will flip a coin or draw names to resolve the tie.

For the subsequent weeks in the cycle we will tally the POINT VALUE of your reviews (not the point value that gives you, but the point value associated with the people you reviewed), thus creating an incentive to review the highest ranked members first and conversely encouraging members to do more reviews to get to the position where they can take advantage of this incentive system. Again, your reviews are due on Sunday, we will tally and rank, and post the new rankings Sunday night. An example of this process is immediately below.


Person A � 8 reviews.
Person B � 6 reviews.
Person C � 4 reviews.
Person D � 2 reviews.


Person A worth 4 points.
Person B worth 3 points.
Person C worth 2 points.
Person D worth 1 point.

Person A reviews everyone once and gets 6 points.
Person B reviews Person A twice and everyone else once and gets 11 points.
Person C only reviews Person A and gets 4 points.
Person D reviews everyone twice and gets 18 points.


Person D worth 4 points.
Person B worth 3 points.
Person A worth 2 points.
Person C worth 1 point.


The quality standard for reviews remains the same. We will spot check review tallies and WILL NOT COUNT reviews that fall below the minimum standard. If you feel a review is substantially below par, please contact one of the admins.

Each cycle is five (5) weeks long. Four (4) of the weeks will follow the process outlined above. After the fourth week, the admins will tally the CUMULATIVE point totals and assign the fifth week to the person with the highest cumulative total during the cycle. That person will be the ONLY person up for review on the 5th week, as an extra incentive for consistent reviewing. We will count raw number of reviews this week to restart the rankings for the following week and strongly encourage everybody to complete at least one review this week as a thank you to the winner for four weeks of hard work.

One more thing. If you want a particular large body of work reviewed (for example you want reviews of your novel sequentially) or if you want a particular story given priority please let us know and we will note that on the list. If you want a novel reviewed, we will continue to put it as the preferred piece on the list UNTIL YOU LET US KNOW OTHERWISE. If you have specific questions or kinds of reviews you want, please put those notes in CAPS in the BODY OF THE POST. We want you all to get the feedback that will help you the most. We�re also going to leave the forum up to you. Please post threads on your own stories if you have additional questions or room for discussion, or simply want to thank the people that have reviewed you (I think most of us need to get back to that). We�re also going to start posting threads on a weekly basis that address particular topics for discussion.

That�s it. It sounds more complicated than it is. Us admins will do most of the work. The most important thing to remember is that the more you review, the more likely you are to be reviewed. By accumulating points through completion of reviews, you put yourself in a position to be a more appealing work to review for others that want a lot of reviews. We rely on you all to make this work, to complete your review tallies, and keep the group running. We think everybody needs a little more flexibility, but, at the same time, want to reward people that work hard and keep everybody helping each other.


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