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Roll Call

13 Years Ago

Roll call and a call to to speak.   Just wondering how everyone has been and how the writing is going.


Me, I have been very busy with looking for a new company.  Yep, laid off, the economy thingy.   Not to worry though...I am thinking about changing directions anyway.   Getting lots of writing done this month, final revisions of B1 and rewriting B2.   Have also gotten back into some reviewing. 


So how is everyone else doing?   Roll call....


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13 Years Ago

Wow thought I would give everyone a chance to say hi, but while waiting I heard my own echo...

Things have been okay, accepted a job as a GM for 7-eleven, crappy job but it pays...

I've been writing White picket fences, I won a contest and lightning bugs was published, that was a first for me.

I am still working on starting a restaurant here in Denver, but am hitting a lot of roadblocks. I am working on overcoming them but it has turned into a huge undertaking.

Thats about it...

"Is anybody out there"


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13 Years Ago

I'm here to, beavering on a writing course - Humour Writnig at the Gotham Writers Workshop which is 10 weeks and also working on a novella- plus up to my neck in work, so been busy. But will try to get reviews out. I still owe Nick a review and will get round to as soon as I get some air...


well done on the competition and getting published


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13 Years Ago

Hi guys:

Nick sorry to hear about your lay off, but I have no doubts you'll find a perfect job. In the meantime, don't let the writing fade. When I was laid off this past year, I spent way too much time avoiding writing.

Gabe, you know you rock. Nice attempt at sublte contest win. How's this: GABE WON THE OTHER HERALD WRITING CONTEST!!!!! You are the best.

LL, I hear the Gotham is a great workshop. Please let me know how it goes. Are you particularly interested in humor?

K, as for me, I've started a new novel and hope I can get past page 15. Otherwise, I've been working my butt off. For any of you interested, this is the program I'm helping to put together for the summer. There are going to be some amazing poets and writers there.

Well, that's it for me. I hope you all are well and we can get back to hard reviewing and easy writing.



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13 Years Ago

j.k. good luck with the novel, keep at it! 

With the humour course - the Gotham stuff looks well set up and it follows the work shop method: so lot's of critiques and a bit of lecture. It's online. Figured I'd try it out as I have a few humour pieces shelved and I wanted some ideas on how to do that stuff. So far I'm learning things.





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13 Years Ago



You know I hope you get past page 15 and start posting soon.  I always have loved your writing from way back on urbis when I thought you a guy.  ; )




I have heard nothing but good comments from those who have completed the Gotham course.   I have even considered it myself just for the experience.    As my character Nathin says...Knowledge is learned and wisdom is earned, together, they are a formidable weapon.   You are a wise man who is gaining knowledge.




Yes, the restaurant thingy can be very frustrating, especially getting everything up front.   It's a very hard business but with your dedication, it WILL happen.


Ok...needing some more member to chime in or I send out the Mounties...