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Trade Ya?

13 Years Ago

Hey Everyone! So no one has really been participating with the group, and thats fine... in fact I really do understand that in the whole writing process, this group is less important than the actual writing. However, I am in a situation with my new piece, White Picket Fences, where I am unsure about some of the direction and a few of the subtle things I have tried to include. I can't really be reassured or change anything with out someone else's input. So I currently have 6 chapters up with three more that are nearly complete. I would be willing to trade a review for a review. the chapters I have up are the first 6, but I would be willing to read any chapter in someone else's book as long as I can get a brief synopsis about the previous chapters if you would rather have me read some later chapters in one of your books.

Lemme know.