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Empathy by Miss Evans Review by Chris

10 Years Ago

Empathy, quite the subject. It assumes knowledge and a willingness to care...

Movies, documentaries, and most presentations are nearly always edited to induce a specific type of feeling in the myriad of viewers and/or audiences.

Poets tend to work and edit to first induce and then enhance the listeners' emotional response to their thoughts. The words as perceived by each listener develop an understanding that the poet hopes is guided or at least influenced by the Poet's thoughts. The level of 'directness' is influenced by the ability of each listener to have an emotional awareness of the work.

I understood what you are saying here... and I read it through - but you really didn't draw me in to WANT to read it through. I don't know that I am an average reader/listener. I came because YOU basically asked to be heard by being here at WC and then joining the SCI Group and I listen to those that attempt to reach beyond their 'comfort'.

I actually found your Author's Note to be more drawing and real - quite good actually. It could stand alone after a minor bit of editing. It has impact, heart, interest, clarity and a message that says MUCH about you as a person and author. And isn't that really what we as writers and poets want - to be heard?

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