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13 Years Ago

Here is me. With an M.A. and finally smiling at the fact that I have a free weekend (well, sorta' free). A new semester starts Monday (20th) and I am signed up for advanced ceramics, a fiction workshop, and literary histories . . . ah, I so love Humanities . . .

VOTING IS OPEN for the Haibun Essay contest that I started way long ago . . . and I am going to try to (finally) replace the featured writer. I promise to henceforth be a better group moderator.

Anyway, I totally understand if I have been given up on, scoffed or shrugged at and if I will be ignored for a while until I re-establish myself . . . I sure hope that I can re-establish myself. Truth is, I did mention this little group in my final project. Of course, the profs in my defense team didn't ask me much about the details - They asked more of the philosophical questions "So, what IS Art, Rachel?" and "What is the fate of the book, Rachel? No one wants to read a novel from a screen . . . " Good questions . . . Anybody?