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Young Adult/Science-Fiction Novel 'AMONG US'

9 Years Ago

Read my Young-Adult/Science-Fiction novel ‘AMONG US’.

Best wishes

Georgina Newcomb

“Around five billion years from now, the sun will begin to
die.” What if, across the galaxy, this has already happened to another planet
and the race that lived there found solace on Earth? And what if they lived
among us without mankind knowing? What would happen if they were discovered?
16-year-old Lain was the definition of shy and strangely,
had always been able to slow down time. Her adoptive parents warned her to keep
it secret, worried that she might be locked away and experimented on for being
abnormal, and they didn’t know how close to the truth they were. The problem
was, was that she didn’t realise that the birth father she never knew, was part
of a race of aliens known as Cailen’s, who fled their home planet when their
sun died twenty years ago. She had no idea that this race, who resembled
mankind but were much more evolved, hid amongst them, having families with the
unknowing humankind. And she had no idea that Wakefield, who had been tracking
down the aliens one by one, were about to find her.

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