The developers of the game deserve to be


The developers of the game deserve to be acknowledged for promises of improvements to this year's game following complaints from fans regarding the franchise mode not included in last year's game. Based on the five-minute trailer EA dropped on Tuesday, that promise was fulfilled by giving the mode an overhaul of its entirety...

It's a fantastic start, but it is not enough. I'd like to see the mode gets the same kind of attention over the next couple of years. To provide gamers with a more authentic experience in the franchise, I have a few ideas.

Madden players have been asking for assistant coaches for more than a decade now and they finally appear this year. It doesn't appear that the assistant coaches won't have any influence on the game plan of a team and that's a shame.

The assistants instead most likely provide assistance to the growth of players as well as specific game situations, such as red zone or third down plays.

While coordinators definitely influence those areas in the real world however their main job is typically play-calling, which will not be the case in the game this year.

The image shows that Matt Nagy has an offensive and defensive playbook. If the Bears made a change in their defensive coordinator, it will likely not affect the defensive plan. If the plan of a team were to alter based on personnel hirings or firings which would bring different aspects to the user's experience and keep the game current.

It's difficult to accurately capture the game-planning elements of football in an accurate manner. This is why it's difficult to justify Madden creators for selecting the system that includes in-game attribute boosters for specific types of play.

A good game plan does not always make a player better at particular aspects of their game. Instead, it puts the player in situations which help him perform his job better , through better play-calling. If my top corner can't protect their top receiver, it doesn't matter what we do to focus on man coverage this week, it's not going to be able perform a great amount of Cover 1.
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