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New poem, feedback anyone? :)

8 Years Ago

Twist and roll, don't burn the bowl
the crystals melt into a puddle
vapor goes in, and a cloud comes out
there we go, I'm ready to party 

Right now I'm happy
Right now I'm seeing why so many risk it all for such a rush
and are left in sickening poverty
I-I-I feel so smart now,
I cannot stop talking
Do you mind?  I hope I dosn't bother you,
I'm not a shady guy
Oh man I feel sexy, now
This high I feel all  over now
It's real, right now, why cant it be true
Feel high forever?  No way, that's cray
but wait, why not?
I'm down if you are.
That's how life is though
 Have you seen the LA weather?
Up you go,and down ya go,
and back up again,the fun
oh yes
it never ends
My brain is spinning like a merry go round
 I'm smart, I can do this, I know what all this does
There's a large amount of dopamine
 It's in the deepest part my brain
the middle center holds all this pleasure, Thank's for that God, It's such a blast!
I've never ever felt any better
Well maybe one time...
Or two, or ten
Have you ever had a Dexie before? Perhaps a Bennie?
Oh, no, not once? Wow man, what a drag
Don't worry, bro I got you, though
I always have plenty!
So tell me, buddy, since you're so new
Have you kicked it with crystals crew?
She kicks it with those cats named Molly, 
then theres Lucy,
and sweet old Mary
Crystal's already rocked my world right now
 We're always told to watch out for those girls
But squares are  full of s**t
Why listen to some sad , old doctor,
Who spends all day in a cold white office
wishing for a working pecker
My goal in life is to control my state of mind
my state of choice, is euphoria of course
is easier than I thought it'd be
to live a life of non-stop ecstasy
I just stay turned on to some degry
The tools I need I access quite simply
The trick is to not use so much chems a lot
and fill the remaining moments with God's gift
The green stuff, the grass
I love that stuff, no matter what
without that s**t I'd be hella fucked
So Pack the bowl
                  Hold it in your mouth
                                           Now burn that s**t,
                                                                       BURN THAT S**T!
            Hit it
                           Hit it!
Now quit it, and-
Give it!
You end your toke with a relaxing exhale
enjoy it.
It's good,
a plant never did no harm
I'm fine with my life, I can get along
As long as that damn establishment keeps from breathing down my neck