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We all would like to improve our writing, would we not. And how best to do that?
Reviews. Critical reviews. I have a friend on here, probably my best friend on here until my proper friends joined up, called Andrew (not Andy, not Drew and not A.J.) If you have not read his work, I advise it, cos it rocks. Particularly an honest to gosh death-defying adventure. A Terry Pratchett in the making folks.
But one of the things I like most about Andrew are his reviews. They are the best reviews I've ever had. I've asked him to review all my stuff, not so I feel good, but so I can improve it. Seriously, everything he's reviewed I have edited, according to his guidelines, and, folks, they are SO MUCH BETTER! no kidding.
So check him out. Ask him round. It'll do you loads of good.
And if you want more, here is the place to find it. add your work here and I promise I will review it and do my best to advise you on how to improve it. Or if you want to do reviewing of other people's work, read the work entered

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