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Hi Fellow Writers!

12 Years Ago

I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I am new to the Writers Cafe & new to this group! Writing is definately therapy for me.

I am, too, a rape survivor. A stranger rape at the age of 18, a senior in high school. A man broke into our home while I was slleeping (home alone) at night and attacked me. I posted two poems in this group that I wrote while thinking about the incident.  It helps release my anger. After 27 years I am still angry at times. I've also seen my share of loss, through suicide, deaths, accidents...I've lost two babies..a husband at the age of name it, I been there. If I didn't have writing, I'd probably be dead. Yes, I have considered suicide myself in the past. I would not do so now, for my only child would be devastated. Couldn't do that to him. He's soon 22 but he still needs his mom.


I love the arts, playing piano, music, movies, reading and writing...native american culture (my husband was an Oglala Lakota man). I was blessed to have him in my life.

I love animals!! All animals...

My favorite activities are riding horses and camping out with horses, too, trail riding...etc. I enjoy taking my dogs to the lake. I have 4 of them. When my husband passed away, I had to sell all of my horses. That's been hard on me.

I am Sagittarian and pretty much fit the mold.

Stop by anytime for a visit & listen to some music.


Peace n Light,

Wicahpi Iyozaza