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It Ends Here

9 Years Ago

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My freshman year of high school I had no idea what I was. I know this happens to pretty much everyone at some point but it starts to get more interesting. I knew this guy. We were friends, and we had the same first name so we sorta just hung out. He was kinda weird though, and a lot of people really didn't like him because he really liked this girl, and even though she kept rejecting him he would still try and try and try. People thought he was a creep. We talked about this sorta stuff a lot, and he gave me her number. And she was attractive, and seemed interested in talking to me, so I started to like her. And because I didn't know what I was I told myself that this was love. So I wrote her love songs. And she rejected me just like she had the other guy. But while for him she would just tell him to go away, she kept leading me on, getting me to chase her again and again until I was just kinda messed up from it. And I had had enough. So I just stopped interacting with her. It stung. A lot. But I kept telling myself that it was for the best and to help me get my feelings straight I wrote the first song to her that wasn't a love song. I called it It Ends Here, because that was how I felt. if I hadn't written that song I might not have actually found love about a year later. 

So yeah.
That was not my first story of a broken heart but I hope it will be my last.

If you feel like listening to the song, here it is