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9 Years Ago

The August before my sophomore year my one bestfriend turned into my boyfriend. We were happy and everyone always said we were meant to be. The first year was okay nothing really bad, and that's when we both thought we would last forever. A little after a year we started to fight more and more. But we stayed strong and still stuck together. We were known as the married couple of our friends. My junior year I moved into his house. We were fine until that one day in February I was going threw his facebook and saw this girl messaging him me and him got into a huge fight and broke up and I moved back home. A couple day's later he called me crying and we talked thing's out. I forgave him but I refused to move back in with him but I did sleep there still only on the weekend's. Our phone call's started getting shorter, and our text's started getting boring. I stopped sleeping there every weekend and it turned into every other. Then this past summer came. We were fine June then July came. One night I went to a party, while I was at the party I ran into my one of my ex's. We talked about life and how we've been. He said he wished we could be friend's so I took him up on the offer. I didn't want my boyfriend to get mad so I called him to tell him and he doesn't answer and turn's his phone off. The next night my ex's ask's me to hang out so I did because I was mad at my boyfriend. My boyfriend wound up calling me but I was so mad at him I didn't answer. I found out a two day's later he called because he was at a party near my town and was telling me to come, but I didn't answer. That wasn't the only thing I found out, I also found out he cheated on me with a girl he knew for only twenty minutes. I was disgusted. He told me it was my fault and balled his eye's out to me about how much he love's me and need's me. I told him it would take time for me to get passed this and he was okay with that. Then two week's later I find out he is talking to this girl. I was a mess he showed no emotion toward me and acted like I never exsited. He changed his number and everything. Then randomly one day he called me off his new number and told me he was standing on my front lawn, I went outside and he was standing on my front lawn with flower's. We talked about how much we love each other and how his mind is in so many different places and then my worst dream came true he told me he got accepted to join the army. I let him sleep over, and the next morning he kissed me and said I will always love you but I need to figure my life out. I found out he was still talking to that girl so I just tried to brush everything off. Then that weekend I was at a party and he came, it was like the old day's we were acting like a couple and all our friend's were there. We slept at our friend's house and when we woke up the next morning he told me I have to let him go threw this phase, she's is just so he knows I'm definitely the one for him. But then I said goodbye when he left for bootcamp and haven't heard from him since. A couple day's after he left I found out I was pregnant. I tried contacting him and I couldn't get a hold of him. On top of all this I found out three week's ago I had a mischarge. In my eye's everything happens for a reason and I think this is just a sign I need to move on with my life. It hurt's so bad knowing the one I love doesn't love me the same anymore. Took my first step of moving on by changing my number the other day so if he tries to contact me he can't. My heart's in piecing but I'm still breathing. I love my life and I can't wait to be happy again.