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Toska is a new online literary journal created by two old-souled friends from the Northern Virginia area. Our journal is a home for the youth of this generation, the youth that crave artistic compassion from which they can bask in and express their perspectives on the world without all the plasticity that drapes modern society in trashbag drapes. However, we are open to writers and artists of all ages. We want raw human emotion. We want frozen roses shattering in the cold corridors of lost love and the inescapable madness that follows. We want writers that aren't afraid of death but dance in the evanescent flames of life. We want the writers that aren't afraid to say anything and we want originality.

We are hard at work on the website

and are now accepting submissions at [email protected]

Please send no more than three prose pieces, five poems, one novel excerpt, one film piece and eight art pieces. Include titles to all works and a short bio.

We hope to have our inaugural edition up by the end of February. More info and a link to the site are soon to follow.

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