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Christian Churches

8 Years Ago

I was inspired to start this thread, after thinking about my own church and Christian churches in general. I considered their various functions, values to society and other factors. Well, some evangelicals are quite happy to worship just about anywhere. And yes, there is no specific Biblical teaching which stipulates the details for a worship venue (as far as I'm aware). On the otherhand, the need for Christian reverance is needed. Like many Christians, I have found that a traditional church building is probably the most appropriate location - to express prayers or praise for God. But, what do readers of this thread think?   Staying with this theme, Christian churches can hold communities together. In turn, this social bonding helps to strengthen society as a whole. Of course, we also need to behave as Christians in everyday life. Indeed, true Christians have a moral obligation to live by example. Also, to make the most of our relatively short lives in this world! I pray regularly at Derby Cathedral (and at home). How about yourselves, fellow group members? Peace be with you...   Julian (aka "Twilight")   Twilight:   Derby Cathedral:   The Christian Institute:   SPUC prolife:   Answers In Genesis:   Christian Concern:   Ark Encounter: