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13 Years Ago

  Jacob is suffering from Flashbacks and nightmares.

He has no idea why this is happening.

Sam thinks it's because h's slowly going through his Alpha change.

Is that really the reason?


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 In my dream I was being squeezed to death, and I screamed out loud.

I opened my eyes in shock, and ran to meet up with Sam.


When I got to Sam, I began to have a flash back.


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13 Years Ago

i would like to role play as rosalie cullen.


                            Dear Diary                            september 13, 2009


oh my god! today was bella's birthday. alice decided to throw her a birthday party. me and emmett were looking foward to the party. everyone was excited. we haven't celebrated a birthday since emmett's last party was in 1935. edward went to pick bella up at her house. they arrived a few minutes early. edward declared his love for bella. alice basically pulled them into the party room. bella looked pretty. emmett cracked a joke about edward dating an older woman. alice wanted bella to open presents. the first present was a stereo which was already installed in bella's jeep(curtesy of emmett and edward). the next present was a necklace from me(which alice picked out and wrapped). the next gift was edward's. he made bella a c.d with her lullaby on it. finally it was time to see what esme and carlisle got her. as she was tearing the wrapping off she got a papercut. the minute jasper saw her blood he went into a fenzy. edward flung bella acroos the room while he flung jasper through the piano. bella cut her arm open which only made jasper crazier. emmet, esme, me and alice had to drag him out of the house. carlisle had to clean bella up. edward came out to check on jasper. after that he took bella home. alice was very sad. jasper was upset at himself.


the next day after school, edward was waiting at bella's house. he asked her to take a walk with him in the woods. he decides to break up with her. instead of taking her home, he lfet her in the woods all alone. she cried herself to sleep in the woods. no one could find her, charlie was scared that something happened to her. sam uley(leader of the wolf pack) found her and brought her home. bella isolated herself for six months. she starts feeling better when she hangs out with jacob. she starts getting a little daring. she has jacob teach her how to ride a motorcycle. the more danger she put herself in, the more edward would appear to her. she decides to go cliff diving by herself(even though my brother  edward begged her not to). she lands in the water. before she can get out, she gets taken over by a wave and nearly drowns. alice started to panic because at some point she lost sight of bella. while this was happening, bella was getting rescued by the dumb dog(jacob). alice took carlisle's mercedes and went to charlie's house. no sign of bella. finally bella comes in soaking wet and smelling like a dog. alice basically yells at bella.edward called me and asked me how bella was. i accidently told him she jumped off her cliff making him think that she killed herself because she missed him. edward decides to go to italy to see the volturi and try to get them to kill him. when they say no, he starts planning ways to get himself killed. time is running out. he calls charlie's house to see whether or not bella is dead. jacob basically confirms what edward already thinks he knows. he decides to expose himself in the sun to the humans. alice and bella(afetre fighting with jacob) race to get to italy to stop him. alice tells ve;la to get to the tower and stop him. bella makes it just in time. she knock edward back into the shadows. they kiss. they get escorted to the volturi chambers. aro decides to let them go under the condition that bella becoms a vampire. alice and edward agree. they get on the plane and come home. charlie grounds bella. edward promises bell that he'll never leave her again. she calls us and asks us for our opinion on whether or not she should become a vampire. despite what me and edward said, the rest of the family voted in her favor. they decided to wait until after grauation.


a few days later, in the woods jacob confronts edward. he says" don't forget the key point in the treaty: if u kill a human, we kill u." bella says"jacob, the treaty dont apply to me because im willing to become a vampire." that makes jacob mad. he says again "just remember the treaty" in an angrier voice. edward says something that causes jacob to morph into a wolf. jacob stands there growling. edward and jacob are both ready to go at it. bella stands in the middle of them. jacob glares at her.she says"both of u stop it! if ur gonna fight, ur gonna end up hurting me." they both take a step back. edward propses to bella in front of th every angry wolf. she says yes. the wolf stomps away with his tail between his legs.

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13 Years Ago

      "Writing your thirtith diary today eh?"I asked, as if I didn't already know. Rosalie has been surprisingly quiet the past few days as wrote her thoughts on dead paper. Yet I could care less about what she was writing.

I then gasped in shock as I saw the flashbacks that Jacob (a.k.a. wolf) was having.

Okay there's no way around it, Bella looked like C***.