A completely open poetry group..No subject restrictions.No age restrictions. Share with the group, write what you like, and try to not be an a*****e.
As I looked around at the groups available to poets on Writers Cafe I noticed a lot of restrictions..No erotic,No mature,No violence,No this,No that.
Not that I write a great deal in any of these areas but I like to know that should I decide to, I can.
I'd like to see honest critiques, and people that can take criticism.I'd like to see experiMENTAL poetry,sad poetry,angry poetry,whatever gets you off,makes you mad,or just a little something to piss of the stuck up people.
All ages can join but be warned that I will not censure or censor anyone here. If you're old enough to find porn on the internet and smart enough to get away with it then you ought to be able to read whatever you want to as well.
With any luck there will be contests in the future along with the possibility of group projects and other fun activities..that will most likely not involve jail time.
P.S. I'm not creating this group for whiners or crybabies..If I ever manage to get any members and two of them should find themselves unable to get along publicly...I'll happily kick them both.

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