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who wants to take this on..

1 Year Ago

note to BigfootPrint on here
Suggested Areas For The Piece:
Current Affairs, Crime And Investigation

See the enclosed painting as this was done by Victoria Jackson,  I gave her artwork to the family of a 6 year old girl who was shot and didn't survive the injuries.  I am suggesting if you want to do a piece that's 3400-5600 word count that reflects what happened and play up dialogs on facebook.com via Fox 32 Chicago and Fox 29 in Philly then a the CBS based in Tampa Bay broke the piece too.
        I worked with 3 to Read (Matthew S. Carroll of The Boston Globe.)  The thing with the Independent Baptists will have them saying something that will cause a backlash if not careful. You can have this artwork to work with as Victoria Jackson did this after her cancer scare. 
       I am suggesting the piece but write this offline then I will provide the HTML coding for you to play around with in the commentary.   When you have the Independent Baptists coming in they treat journalists like they're less than human.  I had Gordon Watts checking out one of your pieces before moving him in; as the piece he will also do will cover the same girl in the situation that he's facing with Chicago and Addison, Illinois.   There's something there and you need an avatar and an image to grab it as when you pull this off I can pinterest this with the the image grab.
       You want to make sure your image size is 190 x 260 with the measurements for this to have an effective image hug with the presentation.  Keep 2 Kings 18:27 in mind when playing this up in other words for a pastor, don't watch your language.
       Being the one who had to report on what's known as a journalists nightmare at times you have to admit thinking about what played up -- has happened elsewhere and on the anniversary when a classmate killed a cab driver no less. 
        I am sending the news story from Bay News 9 to have you working from,  be in depth when approaching this.  There is this one in the West Coast and don't laugh when you read this because it started to mirror what is common within India as in they do open defecation.   There are a few pieces there if you look close enough and play with different fonts with the presentation and don't indent the first paragraph when you do -- arrange this much like the way this note is and thumb around Grace Chapel: Science for parts as you will have a visual collaborator too when she's ready.   I am going to show you the Time Magazine article with Kara Cooney too so you can read this.  There is a lot to mine from with this note alone and the visuals you get to work with well you cannot pay what we're offering you for the shot -- you get these from us you will have something there that will stand out and I will invite you to read The Cabbie Homicide on FictionPress.com.  You will need Zoho.com Writer to play this up then I will send you the html coding to arrange the commentary on such a piece study how Bully: A Study is arranged on here and there are not that many 6,450 word pieces on the site let alone 4800 word ones that matter.