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*Unknown writers*
Hello. I'm glad that you join the *Unknown Writers* post anything new or old that you have written. I will try to review you as soon as I can. Feel free to review any of my writing. I tend to start a book, and when I hit writers block and usually hit another idea for a book, and start on another one, sorry.  I guess I should tell you a little about my self, I work a lot and go to school, so the only time that I'm on writerscafe is on the weekend. I usually post rough drafts on my profile, with a lot of grammar errors. Most of my writing is about strong woman characters, I'm trying to branch away from that.

Please tell me about yourself and the kind of writing you enjoy writing!
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11 Years Ago


It is great to have the chance to meet you.
I am new to this website, but have found it interesting and I have enjoyed reading the many poems, stories and blogs of so many talented people who are members here. I am still learning my way around.
I have been writing in hand-written journals for over twenty-eight years. I got started at a young age when a friend gave me a little diary for my birthday. It sat on a shelf for several months and then one day, I decided to use it with quick, daily entries. Those small entries began to grow into much more and I was adding all of my daily activities, feelings, hopes and dreams within its many pages. After that first diary I made sure, I had a new one each year. As I grew older, I found I wanted bigger journals and those would have entries of two or three years within one book. 
My husband passed away and to keep my mind off of the deep sorrow, I began writing a fictional journal and found it to be fun, entertaining and something I looked forward to writing new entries within it. 
I live deep within the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. I have one daughter, four grandchildren, three dogs (Thunderheart, Keona, Charmed) and two cats (Shya, Pipper).