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Love or Something Like It

11 Years Ago

Its not in the way you bury yourself between my thighs. But more of the way you burrow your face in the crook of my neck to breathe me [in].

It should be in the way you caress me softly, yet its more in the how you fight the way you love me.

In the ways that you listen to all the small things that slip between fingers and fall through the cracks.

You held on to things that others took for granted.

Its a smile or off the cuff comment.
Speaking your mind as you thrust deeper,

Into my thoughts.

I don't understand why this doesn't hurt. You have no answer.

As we sit back and whisper things like, "Don't kiss me because the Hennessey on my lips is bitter."

You can't seem to justify your desire, and I asked you not to.
Let's take it one day at a time. As these feelings crest to fall white capping on to the shore like waves.