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Lack of Black Wizards and other fictional Characters

13 Years Ago

Have any one else noticed this besides me.. I was just wondering?

I'm current working on a  character now that might bring something new you know.


Also the whole Dark elf thing....have you notices there arent any with ethnic feature..I know there left up to the artist or writers perception,but come on doesnt it seems a little one sided

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13 Years Ago

exactly due2 the fact that the writers publishers n tv execs must b white in general.  y does everything black have 2 b evil? black cats,in movies whoever is wearing black is always the evil1n the 1 wearing white is preceived as good.  me my hubby n son just had this same conversation lastnite! 

Re: Lack of Black Wizards and other fictional Characters

11 Years Ago

well people associate the darkness with the color black because technically speaking it is the absence of color absence of light type of deal but the funny thing is darkness isn't bad it's fire thats supposed to be bad that why depictment of the devil are red. i don't understand the stereotypical black and dark are bad. however must point out something just funny kinda off topic but if u think about it white people where alot of black and bkack people wear a lot of color and they look good in it. so i guess white people want to be bad if u go by stereotypes lol. but this is a great point im planning on coming up with a fantasy and it gunna have all race or atleast most of them so if any one has ideas let me know.