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Welcome to all.

13 Years Ago

I just want to extend a welcome to any writer who wishes to join Urban Skin. AS with any other group there are a few guidelines I will ask of any writer who decides to become a part of this group.

1. First and foremost respect the other members of this group. No flaming or spamming will be tolerated.
2. You may post new work as often as you wish. This may include any style of writing, but please no pornography. Sensuality is not pornography. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your work is pornographic, then it probably is. There are several other groups in which to post this type of work. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.
3. This site welcomes visual art as well as literary art. Feel free to post photos of your artwork to share with the other members of the group. Again, no pornography please.
4. Review and critique the work others often. This will encourage others to review and critique your work as well. Remember to be gracious in your comments. If you find a piece of work lacking in some way, let the writer or artist know with a gentle hand. You do not need to slam someone's work to get you point across.
5. Receive reviews graciously. I know how easy it is to become offended if another writer gives me a less than glowing critique. Remember all reviews, good or bad, help us to grow as artists.
6. You may link to this group from any personal webpage or website, but this is not a commercial site. So, please, do not post commercial banners or links from within this group. We all get enough of that when we check our email each day.
7. From time to time, I will post contests for group members only. If anyone has a contest to suggest, feel free to send me a message. I will be happy to consider all suggestions.
8. Finally, and this one is touchy. This group is called Urban Skins for a reason, I am trying to provide a place where Native and Native minded people can come together to share their thoughts and ideas. This means that anyone who holds to the ideals of respect, open-mindedness, and courtesy is welcome. If you seek these things then I welcome you to this group.