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10 Years Ago

 I will cut to the chase right now by saying WAKE UP AMERICA! SERIOUSLY! Your children are being poisoned, you are being poisoned, you are allowing yourselves to be enslaved and for what? Just so you can jerk off in front of the computer or watch Spongebob Squarepants or some gay assed reality TV show? You’re pathetic. The elites are putting poisons in your food and your water, in your children’s baby foods and formulas. Look up the side effects of Fluoride, commonly found in toothpaste and now OUR drinking water. Fluoride is said to be more poisonous than lead and slightly less poisonous than arsenic. It was used as a pesticide against mice, rats, and other rodents. It also has a pacifying effect on human beings. Which is why if you LOOK around, a lot of people look so dead today, their eyes dont shine anymore, they don’t fight back the way they should. They walk around like sickly zombies. Don’t let this happen to you or your children if you could care less about yourselves. Or if you know people with children or that want to have children…warn them, inform them, and fight back against this tyranny.     Humanity was not meant to live this way. In fear of what they should do or say. This is a FREE COUNTRY everyone. Thats what our men fought for, thats what our forefathers planned for us. They wanted us to live free, happily, and successfully. And now there are twisted minds behind the scenes stripping away everything this country ever fought for. Look around, people are being arrested for crimes they didn’t even commit. There is a fight against our right to bare arms. In schools all around the world kids are taught not to fight for themselves or they will get into trouble, meanwhile the bullies are getting away with everything. There are chemicals in baby formulas that are making our girls go through puberty at the ages of 7 and 8. 10% of white american girls from the ages of 7 already developed as well as 15% of hispanics and 23% of African Americans. There are brain eating vaccines slowly killing our people, most currently the vaccine, Gardisil for girls to prevent cervical cancer. A lot of girls taking that vaccine either became seriously ill or DIED. This is all about power people. It’s a slow kill plan set in store for easier population control. Don’t you understand? We are being pacified and enslaved deceitfully and so discretely that we wont even realize it until its too late.    Act now before it IS too late. There is still time, but not much of it left. And we have to open our eyes, minds, and ears NOW and take back our country. Say NO to the New World Order. Say NO to enslavement. Even if it means we might get arrested or be killed, would you rather fight and die for something that will end up for the better of the country…or lie back and be a w***e for these mongrels to take advantage of and use as a pawn in their twisted games? Choice is yours, I just hope to make the right one.

Thank you,

Jennifer P. 

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