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Re: I'd like to have reviews on the poem

8 Months Ago

One woman lived in those days 
 She  led the life ….
Hard life Which laid the carpets…. 
 made from thorns 
 Not from the silver light  
 She had survived a lot of strain 
 Her heart was torn apart 
  She understood that she  was called .
 to lead  the folks inside…
 the  storming sea  
 with   srtenth of word
 Of mingled joy  and  pain; 
   A scrap of happiness to win 
 She struck was every day 
 But she survived 
 And misery
  did soft descend at night  
 You ask me 
 What was she
 That had a strength of men
 She…. just  a poet ….no more
 Short answer, but what sense…