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We Rebel Because We Have To. : Forum : If I may?

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If I may?

11 Years Ago

        "Forget the stereotypes, forget those unrealistic impossible to meet standards. Say what you feel, express what you mean. Us as teenagers and young adults are classified in this world to rebel. But we do it because we have to. We may freak out and spazz, but the only thing we can think of for people to listen to us is to make it loud and bold. So of course we protest, graffiti, riot, jump up and down, scream, yell, start drugs, skip school, get drunk, sneak out, start fires, cut, refuse to talk, bully, REBEL. Of course we do, how else can we get your attention?"

        If I may, I would like to discuss your intro to this group.  I am one of those people who have "Been There. Done That", and you probably don't want to here any of what I say, but I feel I must at least say it.  It is up to you to decide if it is worth hearing.

        First off, rebelling isn't limited to teenagers.  Everyone has and should rebel at some point, when what they believe, or believe in, is attacked or denagrated.  With that said, some of the things you mentioned, are not acts of rebelion, but acts of desperation, by attention seekers, who lack the attention they feel they rightly deserve. 

        I am not saying these acts are inappropiate; far from it.  Many of these acts are a cry for attention that the person SHOULD be getting, but isn't.  At least not from the people they want it from. 

        The acts mentioned that are NOT acts of rebellion are: Start Drugs, Get Drunk, Start Fires, Cut, Bully, and to a certain degree, Riot. 

          All of these, with the exception of Riot, are acts of escape.  No one gets drunk to rebel.  One doesn't use drugs to rebel.  A person does these things to escape from reality, if only breifly.  Peolpe do these things to take away the pain that they can not, or will not relate to someone else who could possible help them.  It's just easier to change your reality, if even temporarily, then face up to your reality and deal with it.

         As for the people who Start Fires, Bully, Cut, they are similar, to the extent that they hate who they are, and want someone else to feel their pain.  I know a Cutter, is only inflicting the physical pain on themselves, but they are also inficting pain on those around them, including their friends, who know about the cutting, but say nothing.  Their pain is just as real as the Cutters pain.  The Bully is just a scared little person who needs to cause pain to others to make themselves feel good.  A bully will never bully someone who is willing to stand up to them, and in almost all cases, a bully has been caused pain by someone else, so they feel the need to cause someone else pain, in an effort to relieve their own. 

       As for a Riot, this isn't rebelling, it is simply being brainwashed by a mob of people into committing acts of vandalism, or uprest.  Generally people who riot, have no concern as to why the riot is happening, they just get caught up in the act.  They feel it is cool, or the thing to do just because others are.  That's not rebelling, that's being a fool who follows another fool. 

        Skipping School and Seanking Out, are not rebelling either, they are just acts of deviance of the rules set out for you, and that is not rebelling, that is acting like a child.  And Refusing to TAlk, come on, that's not rebelling, thats copping out on being honest.


         All of these things: Drinking, Drugs, Cutting, Bullying, Arson/Pyros, Rioters, should be the things that you rebel against.  Stand up, jump up and down, scream it out loud, be bold and loud, protest, against these things, REBEL against these acts of stupidity, prove the naysayers wrong.  Show them that you ARE who you want to be treated like.  An Adult. 

       Yes we want you to rebel, you need to rebel, but be sure of what you are doing is rebelling, and it has a purpose.   

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[no subject]

11 Years Ago

I get a very strong vibe that you just disagree with pretty much everything I've said. As a teenager, living an adults life I've noted most of those things from experience. For one, rioting is completely a form of rebelling.

As for everything else, every person does something for their own personal needs, their own reasons. I refuse to sit here and agree that someone hasn't got drunk to prove a point. Or cut themselves just because they can. Maybe our views on rebelling is different, and if so, oh well. But why write a long a*s page just disagree with someone. You're wasting my time, and yours.

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[no subject]

11 Years Ago

       I do not disagree with the premise of what you said.  I do though disagree with the acts you refer to as rebelling, when in reality they are not. 

       Everyone, teenager or adult should and must rebel against what they preceive as wrongs, but it should be done with at least some sense of intelligence.

      The statement you made about getting drunk.  Exactly what point is someone proving, and to whom are they proving it when they get drunk? 

      I didn't intend to waste your time with such a long post, but once I started writing, it just came out that way. 

      Again, I don't disagree with the message you are conveying with your words, I just take exception to the things you consider acts of rebelling. 

       If you would prefer I not post again, just message me and let me know.  I will honor you decision to not have me posting in this group, not that I'd be posting a lot anyway.  This showed up as a new group and I checked it out, and when I read your intro, I just wanted to reply.  I just thought you might have wanted a different point of view on what is written besides your own.   Thanks for hearing me out.   ,,,,,Mhk Melvin


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[no subject]

11 Years Ago

Listen, It`s not that I don`t accept different points of view. But you seemed very offensive. In my opinion, and maybe wording this differently will change your mind. But anyone can rebel in any form. I say anyone because I do agree anyone, dispite age, sex, or whatever can rebel. But I was just trying to target a specific group of people (teenages, young adults).

As I was saying anyone can rebel in any form. I see you`re stuck on the one I said about getting drunk. Which I can tell you is a form of rebeling. I know people who have gotten drunk to prove a point. It might be a stupid point, but it is important to them. And THAT is rebeling. Maybe you don`t agree, but try and tell those kids that did it that.

I encouage you to post if you`d like. Truely, I`m sure you have a lot of interesting things to say. And they make for good forum talk :P Tension isn`t always a bad thing.