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Reviewers wanted

15 Years Ago

I'm looking for anybody willing to receive an MS-Word version of one of my novels that is also willing to review the novel, either by posting reviews on the web, sending them to magazines, or posting on the online book sites e.g. Amazon, Borders etc.

I've had some success with this with my books in the past, and at the moment I'm looking for reviewers for the first book in my historical vampire series, Watchers.


Watchers is my retelling of the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion in Britain. Bonnie Prince Charlie, and all his highland army, are Vampires and are heading south to claim the British throne. The "Watchers" of the title are the guards of the old Roman wall built by Hadrian, now reinforced to keep the vamps out. It is constantly patrolled by officers of the Watch, two of whom become the main protagonists of the series.

I got the idea on a walk along what is left of the wall, and by the time I'd had finished my walk and had a few beers the first part of the trilogy was fully formed in my head. Think "ZULU" or "Last of the Mohicans" with vamps and you'll get a feel of what it's all about.

Book 1: The Coming of the King
Book 2: The Battle for the Throne
Book 3: Culloden!

The books are all already available from Black Death Books.

So, if anybody wants to read an electronic copy of book 1 with a view to reviewing it, just drop me a line at [email protected]