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A better person: reading and writing

10 Years Ago

Do ideas, thoughts, tasks, goals, quotes, reminders and other information frequently roam around your brain? Do you ever think, "I should write that down," only to find you have no pen or place to write that good quote, idea, or goal down. We do ourselves a disservice by failing to write things down. Equally mis-fortunate, we often fail to review things even if we do jot them down. Creating a convenient method of recording and reviewing things you deem valuable information, that is worthy of being written down will assist in completing tasks, following through with goals, developing and revisiting ideas and thoughts, and memorizing and internalizing quotes and other worthy information. A great way to address these issues is to create a "Stuff Worth Writing Down" notebook or SWWD in short. Creating such a notebook and following a few, select general guidelines will dramatically improve your effectiveness as an organized thinker and will assist you in accomplishing tasks and goals.