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Prompts (April/May 12)

7 Years Ago

Here are some prompts, as I haven't seen new ones for a while! 
(I hope posting this is okay. Some follow my own tastes, and some do not, so...) 

- A pencil eraser being used on an art project that it doesn't like.
- A cat and its new bell. 
- The sound of a colour. 
- The taste of a sound.
- If a pet could talk. 
- If clothes could talk.
- If mirrors could talk.
- You (or your character) have to work with someone you can not stand to be around. What happens?
- The person that you like is being taken home, after a party, by someone else. You think that their intentions may not be exactly honourable. What do you do?
- A new drug or disease. Side effects, effects, causes, cures, solutions? 
- A 'new breed' of humans have begun to appear. What is different about them, and how do people react?

I can do more if people want me to, and hopefully this isn't too normal for this group.