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12 Years Ago


S. D. Blankenship knows Horror and he will show you the creatures hidden behind closed eyes in the darkest of rooms.

The syntax found in this manuscript of S. D. Blankenship's poems are disordered and psychopathic. Comprehend and examine at your own exposed thoughts . A number of words might be to mature-- or graphic for some viewers. Reader’s be wary. This writing is Scary!

My books include, 
* Sixteen Bloody-cherries.
* Schizophrenic
* Jerry the Clown!
* Schizophrenic Poetry!
* One lost hope
* Life & Death Secrets and Facts
* ICE Tucker
* The Creepers
* Wolf
* Life & Death 'Kikinaky and the freaky faeries': Book 2
* The Mothman Tragedy
* LIFE & DEATH 'Gray Wolf and the Warlock Cowboy'

All works hereby Copyright © 2008,09,10, 11 by S.D. Blankenship
All rights reserved| Including the right of reproduction In whole or in part in any form
Published on Writerscafe.org by Aresta Enterprise.

I recommend Shawn Blankenship for online writing communities that welcome innovative writing styles. I would also recommend him for intellectual institutions and for any form of employment in which respectful collaboration is the norm.
~A. C. Lewis

Not for the faint hearted nor the prudish among us, but this is a wonderful acrostic and your choice of words is spot on!

S. D. Blankenship -- top ninety-nine out of one-hundred writers. His writings are astonishing, to say the lest.
~ Fan

Kinky and disturbing. A very intriguing combination. :) I'm very impressed, really. Your writing style has changed very much--changes are excellent. It's all very sinister from beginning to end, and your wording is very descriptive.

Excellent work!

Ironically Yours. <3
~Blade and Blood

I want to welcome our newest member & award winning writer, S.D. Please consider following S.D at @SDBlankenship, thanks.

Talk about taking a reader on an adventure! This is magnificently written! You write where a lot have fear to go....Raw power for sure.....nothing like dancing sugar plums in my head.....lol Kudos to you Hun! ~Silent Serenity

Wow! You are a genuis, S. D. Blankenship
~Devry Collage

All were amazing. The darkness of these poems chilled me, yet left me wanting to read more.
I'm not sure if I like that.
You are a genius, I have to admit.