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What's Wrong With Writerscafe? : Forum : The Solution

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The Solution

11 Years Ago

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There is obviously a very diverse writing community here and we all need to somehow get along and coexist if we're going to survive and thrive.

It's obvious that some writers don't want to be associated with other writers, so rather than everyone blocking everyone until we get to the point where everyone's been sorted based on s**t-talking, let's label everyone so that we know who we're dealing with.

There are different kinds of writing, more than just “Story” or “Poem.” There's short story, long story, Flash Fiction, heavy-narration, no-narration, stream of consciousness, concept-themed, action-themed, character-driven, dialogue-driven, etc. For poetry, there's rhyming, non-rhyming, beat-poetry, slam-poetry, lyrics, and the ever-dreaded freeverse.

Rather than sifting through piece after piece looking for the type of story or poem that we want to read and review, writers need to label their writing. This will ensure that writers who write the same type of writing review each other and writers who are at totally different ends of the spectrum can avoid getting into fights.

If writers organize themselves into skill levels as well, we'll know what kind of writing is being written and what caliber it is being written at. People of equal skill levels are more likely to review each other than someone of superior skill is likely to spend their time reviewing a piece of writing they really didn't like from the get-go.

These are all ideas, but then of course there's the problem of getting people to follow the rules. It's not like the mods will step in if someone just does their own thing and disregards everything. So we need to use the power of the word “social” in social media and not interact with anyone who doesn't get with the program. All we're asking people to do is label themselves.

I think this will lead to a better organized community environment, where people can find like-minded people easier and avoid more confrontation. These are only a few ideas. Post more below.

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11 Years Ago

I've looked around my inbox this morning--at the quality of the writers who have reviewed me and been reviewed by me lately. I've looked at the type of correspondences I've received and sent. I've already got the cafe experience you're looking for.

Not because I've stomped my foot and said damnit. But because I have cultivated those types of relationships. And let those other people wander off to their own devices.

There are still many more things to learn. Many more ways to grow. But by and large I have very few complaints.

Always upward and onward--many more lessons to be learned.