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9 Years Ago

Level 5- Veteran, Published, I know what I'm doing writer
Level 4- Serious Amateur trying to get published so spare me no wisdom writer
Level 3- Amateur just writing, hi how are you writer
Level 2- Beginning writer would like some encouragement writer
Level 1- Brand spanking new go easy on me writer   -------------------------------------------------   5)  Is ANY person who has a work in print a "published author," or only those who went the traditional route with a large publishing company?  Are the self-published - however this is defined - disqualified from this level?  What about authors whose work is published by a small-press publisher that no one has heard of?   4)  Define "trying to get published."  Does this mean someone who has already tried contacting several agents/publishers, or does it mean everyone who wants to have their work published someday?   3)  Just because someone is writing for enjoyment does not mean that they don't want to improve their skills.   2)  EVERYONE would like some encouragement, even if they also want to have the writing ripped to shreds when it needs that.  "Wanting encouragement" doesn't mean "not serious."   1)  We each have our own definition of "go easy on me."  Some new writers just want "love it - keep writing!"  Some new writers want to know what they're doing wrong, and what they're doing RIGHT, so they know what to focus on.   It would be better to have levels based on the kind of feedback the writer wants rather than on their skill/experience, if these levels are to be done at all.     

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