What Is Up With This Site?


Have you noticed that nothing on this site works?
How about getting bad reviews?
Were you or your writing attacked?
Is your page not loading?

I am sure that all of these things has been set out.
1) Don't let a writer review your work, let a reader review it. (If a writer reviews it, then they want to make it their own work and tell you to change the plot line and take away all of your hard work, however if a reader reviews your work, then they will only point out small things, like Grammar, missing words, spelling mistakes, ext.
2) We need to be able to stand up for our writing. So, in return we need a button to delete bad or offensive reviews.
3) We need moderators that will be online when we need them. Meaning, when each and every person should have a little bit of help, (That's not to say that everyone should take advantage of the Moderator.)
4) Do we really need ratings and points anymore? (Why do we need ratings? We are only here to learn how to be better writers. Right?) And then why do we need the points anymore? (They took the "Gifts" away,)
5) Why is it so hard to post writings? (Have you ever noticed that when you post your writing, it is disorientated, it does not show up, or it says the page cannot be found?)
6) Are you tired of this site all ways being closed?
7) Tired of all ways losing your writing?

The simple factor is "We" need to be in charge of our writing. It's like our own flesh and blood. We gave it life, watched it grow, then had to sat and watch as others bullied them, kidnapped them, and even mocked.

If you're like me, then we should prove our selves.
This is how I feel, if you don't like it, then leave me alone. I have rights.

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