What are the Symptoms of Persons Suffering From Trauma?


Trauma is the thing that can change person deeply, as a result the person become easily angered and often talking about the depressing things. Every person has a different reaction to trauma and pain. Therefore it is good to know about these situations with the help of experienced psychotherapist in west palm beach. Here are few signs you need to considers if you u think someone is secretly in pain.
Struggling with emotional intimacy.
Do you find it difficult to open up and trust even your closest friends and family members? Do you struggle to maintain close long-term relationships in your life? Or feel uncomfortable expressing your true feelings to others? This fear of emotional intimacy and vulnerability may stem from a previous traumatic experience in your life that you've not yet come to terms with. After all, trauma has the power to impact not only how we feel about ourselves, but also how we relate to other people.
Suffering from feelings of depression.
Although many people might not be aware of it, there's a difference between feeling depressed and being depressed. In certain situations, such as following the death of a loved one, a major event, illness, injury, and so on, it's perfectly normal to wrestle with such feelings. So if you find yourself feeling depressed after having experienced a traumatic event, no matter how long ago it may have been, then it might be your mind's way of telling you that something's not right, and that there are still some issues you've left unresolved. To resolve this issue you might take session from an experienced therapist in west palm beach.
You have unhealthy coping mechanisms.
Alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling, overspending, over eating, withdrawing socially, and self-harming are just a few of the most common examples. Oftentimes we turn to these problematic coping mechanisms when we don't want to acknowledge or don't know how to process what it is we're feeling and what to do about it.
Similar to the last point, unexplained somatic symptoms are our mind's way of telling us while we might think nothing's wrong, we might still be her boring some psychological wounds that need tending to. So if you've been having symptoms lately that you or your doctor just can't explain such as migraines, muscle tension, body aches, insomnia, loss of appetite, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, low energy, and depressive effect, you might be better off speaking to a therapist about it than a physician. All these are common inpatient suffering from PTSD.
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