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Please check out my novel Elementalist

6 Years Ago

Elementalist is a young adult, fantasy novel. 
    The story is about Karina Delane, a 17-year-old orphan exiled from the United Regions, a portion of what was once North America before the final nuclear war. After the discovery of her powers, she's taken into Vincam, where all supernaturals reside. But Vincam is nothing like what she imagined it to be, the rumored home for those poisoned with unnatural powers. She steps into a thriving land, where food is abundant, where the air is clean and clear of the dust that settles over everything in her old home. 
   She becomes quick friends with the twins- the sweet, adoring Daniel and the truthful, loyal Stacia. She's not quite sure the relationship she has with Sergeant Caleda, an infuriating, gorgeous Elite soldier but it's not one she trusts. Karina soon finds out that this monarch-ruled land is a thriving kingdom paved in lies and brutality. She needs to figure out who to trust, learn how to control her growing powers and if she should listen to her heart.