Women In Support Of Willow Palin


I am still waiting to see any woman, any well known woman like Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Barbra Streisand, etc. step forward and speak up on television in support of this abused 14 year old. Although I am not a woman, I consider myself a feminist. Just the jokes that Willow will receive from her freshman classmates should be enough to afford her the same protection that any child deserves including withholding their names because of their age from the media as is always done.

Her mother is strong enough to take and does take the abuse that has been thrown at her since she came onto the national political scene. She was also never defended by any of the well known female �Role Models� in society.

I also found the remarks about Alex Rodriguez having sexual relations with the fourteen year old daughter or even the older daughter Bristol who was seventeen when she did become pregnant to be offensive and stereotypical.

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