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Are the children of politicians fair game?

13 Years Ago

I think that there should be an unwritten rule that the late night television shows should keep their hands off the minor children of politicians and well known celebrities. 
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13 Years Ago

I think anyone in the public eye, who uses their chilrden for their own gain, loses the right to complain when others use those same children to cut down said person.

In the case of the Letterman joke, and that is what it was, bad though it was, it was a joke, and it was said in the context of the older daughter, who was over 18 at the time, who has a history of having sex outside of marraige, and Mr. jeter who is a known womanizer.  It was a slam on them both.  Letterman never mentioned any name, but it was infered he was talking about the eldest daughter.  It only came to be offensive when it was found out that it was the 14 y/o daughter with whom Mrs. palin took to the ballgame.  Letterman both apologized in public and personnally to the Palin family. Mrs. Palin accepted his apology, so to me the matter is closed. 

When we reduce ourselves to censoring what can and cannot be said about somebody, especially when taken out of the context in which it was said, we start on a downhill slide that we will never come back from. 

What about the Michael Jackson jokes?  Preists jokes?  They all involve children, are they all to be silenced too? 

I personally never watch these TV shows, but because of the uproar it caused it was on the news 24/7 for a couple of days.  If the media/newscasters would not have been throwing it in our faces, few people would have even heard it.  So should we ban the news media from broadcasting the news after the fact also?  I know I never would have heard the joke if not for the news replaying it 24/7.  So who is more at fault?  The one man who told a bad joke, or the thousands who kept repeating it as news?   

Thanks for letting me rant.   ,,,,,Mhk Melvin