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Book Release:Reflections of a Dark Soul

13 Years Ago

Alright everybody,
So the fun has begun for me when I got online this morning, I decided to check for my books availiblity and low and behold I already have two other outlets out side of the publisher, booksamillion to those of us from vero beach BAMM(lol). So this is a great thing for me, and even better for you because it means that if there�s a books a million in your area they have it. You may have to go in and ask them to oder it for you, but I�m a new author so it�s expected. For those of you with check or credit cards, I�ll provide you with the links I have so far for you.
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For my U.K. fans amazon.com is your best bet because on of the companies that has it availible is right there in the U.K. I believe it was called the book depository.
Anyways folks I hope you have enjoyed the previews I�ve posted in the past few days, if you haven�t had a chance to read thos bulitins I�m sorry. You can still get a sneak peak here on my Myspace. So come buy check it out, leave a review either on my page or on anyof the above paces to order it.
Also if you are on writerscafe.com you can order it from there as well as leave a review of it, the link for that is: so go there as well, and check it out, there are excerpts and other tidbits for you there.
While your there or on my myspace besure to check out other projects and articles I�m working on or have writen.
Thanks for all of your support
Yours truly
Cory V Clark