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Public corruption in Ventura County, Calif.

13 Years Ago


Here are the corrupt cops, judges, prosecutors that have sold their honor and their positions as servants of the law.  For money.  Planting drugs;  Filing false charges;  Derailing 17 jury trial dates;  Blocking the truth from being entered into the court's records.  Attempting to send someone to Patton State Hospital for six years, when everything else failed.

But the evidence that they did so is here.

(This is part one of an ongoing investigative report.  Setting the stage, as to motive, for the illegal police and court sanctioned illegallities that were to follow.)


What I learned. That made me the target of corrupt Ventura County officials.



That made me believe that the owners of Tiger Real Estate Fund LP had liability for the cost of  cleaning up a long term, massive toxic chemical contamination of the soil and groundwater in west Oxnard, Calif.


In an attempt to avoid the tens of millions of dollars that it would cost them to repair the damage to the soil and groundwater that their toxic chemicals had contaminated.


PHASE ONE: "What's the damage?"

In the spring of 1999, a water drilling crew, and their truck mounted rig showed up one morning and proceeded to drill some water analysis test wells in the front parking lot of a large commercial property.

It was a shopping center located in west-Oxnard, Calif., at the corners of Victoria Ave. and Hemlock St. A shopping center that was just one of several such high end commercial property holdings belonging to; Tiger Real Estate Fund LP. A privately owned commercial real estate corp., with over one billion dollars in such property in the county of Ventura.

Then in the back parking lot they drilled a single well. Nothing unusual in this happening at this shopping center, nor any other for that matter. In and of itself.

It is a given that before the sale of substantial commercial real estate properties, environmental testing of the soil and water will be just two of many evaluations of such a properties potential liabilities.

This is primarily because a new owner might, by law, be forced to assume responsibility for contamination of the soil and groundwater, with its purchase. So bad news from the soil and water analysis end of the equation can be a "deal breaker" in and of itself.

What was unusual about this specific collection of samples, that were taken from the three test wells that were drilled that day in the front parking lot, and the single well that they drilled in the back lot is this;

All of these wells were localized in front of, and behind, one business, out of the almost twenty businesses that shared these parking lots, front and back.

It wasn't the Lucky's grocery store. Or the liquor store. Donut shop, art gallery, video store, florist, marine engine repair, hair salon, bar restaurant, pharmacy, marine supplies, or coin laundry.

Nor were they drilled near the businesses built on the outer perimeter of this shopping center. A bank, sports bar and a gas station. Which with its underground fuel tanks, you would think would deserve some water analysis interest prior to sale.

Which is what the property management agents for the owners of this prime commercial property were telling anyone who asked. "The properties imminent sale", was the reason for this activity.

No, it was none of these other businesses that were bracketed by test wells.

It was the dry cleaners.

That was built, and equipped with all the related machinery of such an endeavor, (most of it still in use), at the same time as the structure. Long ago, in the early, to mid 1960's. And it included an underground tank, for the storage of the used petroleum distillate and man made solvents that are used in the dry cleaning process.

At the time it was built, such underground tanks were quite common. This one sits at the top of the water table.

PHASE TWO; "Let's tell them that we're doing one thing, but then we'll do another!"

(I mean foundation)

About one month later, a work crew shows up one morning. They begin to jack hammer up two, 3ft. square sections of the concrete slab that is the loading dock, directly behind the back wall of the dry cleaners.

Between these two, 3ft. squares is a 4ft. wide section of the original concrete slab that is left intact. Once these two concrete segments were removed, they kept digging deeper, until there dig was a little over 4ft. deep.

They began to get seepage from the top of the water table. Which in west Oxnard is just a few inches deeper than where they stopped their downward journey, to head up under the cleaners from both of the openings that they created in the concrete slab.

I never saw how far under the dry cleaners, and to what width this crew dug. But before they were through, this crew excavated two tractor trailer ore car loads of what was dirt/soil at the top, but was primarily a sandy, turned to gravelly, water laden slurry at the bottom.

When the locals, such as myself, do what locals always do when they see anything different than the normal day to day activities, as they to and fro their way past such a sight. We stop, and try to ascertain what is going on, without asking any questions if possible. As it is always much more satisfying to perceive what men are about in such an endeavor, rather than having to ask what's going on, and by this, reveal your ignorance to all that hear your query; "What are you guys doing?"

That day, myself, and a couple of friends admitted defeat after a few minutes, and asked just that. We were told that they were; "Stabilizing a shifting foundation at the rear of the building."

The thing is, that wasn't what they were doing. Not even close.

I have done some, "stabilizing a shifting foundation" work before. This was two holes that went down below the foundation, to facilitate the excavation of a serious amount of soil. With the intact four foot wide section of original concrete between, it appeared as if they were working there way back on either side of something.

As some of the crew were observed going in one hole, then back out the other, either side of something, at some point became "around" something.

With the water table just a few inches below the depth of their dig, seepage from that into their dig was affecting their project. They brought in hoses that were snaked down into both entry holes, that they then attached to pumps.

There was a large storm drain almost directly behind their dig. It was the back parking lots only place to remove a rainstorm's run off, and the entire parking lot gently slopes towards it to aid in its removal.

If this was just seepage from the ground water, They could have pumped it to this drain with no potential repercussions.

Instead, myself, and several others observed all of this seepage being pumped into 55 gallon metal drums, and then fork lifted onto flatbed trucks, to be driven off to points unknown. At least they were unknown to me.

I personally saw approx. 50 such metal drums filled, fork lifted, and driven away in this manner.

After excavating two tractor trailer ore car loads of what was beneath the dry cleaners, this work crew began building some kind of framing beneath the cleaners.

I can't describe exactly what it was that they built, but my guess, based on the half, to three quarter cement truck load of Portland's finest that was gooped down under, and around whatever it was they didn't excavate, was a containment structure of some sort. As I said not too many paragraphs back, this wasn't "stabilization of a shifting foundation" work that I saw.

That would entail the digging of a trench along the outside foundation that exceeded the foundations break in length by several feet past the break in both directions.

Framing within this trench would have been built approx.a foot to a little more wide, and to a depth that is the same as the original foundation. Maybe two feet deep.

Holes would then be drilled into the existing foundation all along its length, and steel re-bar would be slipped, and cemented into these holes.

The exposed portions of the re-bar that were within the framing built for the impending concrete pour, would then be wired to other sections of re-bar, that were laced together in this framing, so that the parallel foundational repair would be "as one" with the original foundation.

After the concrete had been poured, and had set. (hardened) This would stabilize the foundational breach. If there was one. There wasn't.

When this was finished, they framed the two entries through the concrete slab, poured them, smoothed them to match the existing slab, and left. (there is a shading difference that is easily noticed between the old concrete pour, and the two new patches.)

Speaking of left; They left the one test well in the back parking lot, about 15 feet behind their dig accessible, for future water analysis, with a removable cap.

I observed water samples taken twice more in the period between this "repair" and the begining of my three plus years full on battle with the owner's of this shopping center.

And the owner's agents.

Which were individuals from with in the following city of Oxnard, and County of Ventura agencies;
Oxnard Police.
Oxnard Animal Control.
Ventura County Sheriffs Deptment.

Let us not forget the Officers of the Ventura County Superior Court;
Judges. (Superior court. Criminal)
Senior Deputy District Attorneys.
Court Appointed Counsels (public defenders)

I observed two more samples beingtaken later. One in the late summer of 2004, and as recently as Sept., 2005.

Samples taken by;

A high tech, highly respected environmental solutions company that specializes in soil, and groundwater remediation. (removing the poisons)

Inventors of a state of the art, massive water pumping, and multi-filtration process, for the removal of large concentrations of toxic chemicals that have entered
the ground water.

PHASE THREE; "The way thing were ain't the way things are."
LIFE WAS GOOD. (key word being "was".)

For years before this falsely stated repair work in the spring of 1999, things had been pretty good for the owners of this commercial property, and the merchants that leased store front from them. The joint was jumping from 9:00 a.m. every morning, till closing time, which for most businesses was at 10:00 p.m.

The property management/agent for Tiger was conscientious as to the; "lease agreed upon repairs that were detailed in each lease as being;THE OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY.

When it rained heavily, and the roof leaked at Pete's liquor store, or any other store, one call from who ever was on at the store that night to the property management company for emergency repairs, resulted in a roofing crew being on site with in two to three hours, and working till they had resolved the problem.

If the store experienced electrical, or plumbing problems at any time, electricians, or plumbers, which ever was needed, would show up where needed, in a reasonable amount time of being called.

The outside landscaping, and clean up was very good. This even included the entire front storefront side walks, and the huge wooden deck, which ran half the length of this structure, being steam cleaned approx. every six weeks.

Every area around the dumpsters in the rear of the place was steam cleaned as well.

This was a well maintained, competently managed, money making commercial property, that was located in the best part of town.The west side of Oxnard.

Near the beaches. Near fishermens wharf. Near to the Channel Islands Harbor. Home to the nicest residential communities, and the wealthiest residents. Every one from the owners and their agents, to the merchants that leased store front from them were pretty much on the same sheet of music.

Until right after the repairs.


The above description is an accurate one, as to the basic harmony that was existent between the owners, and the merchants, up to the time of these "repairs".

Here is how things were between the owners and the merchants after these repairs:

(1.) The owners no longer would do any of the lease agreed upon repairs. That
were their responsibility.

Leaky roof? "Too bad." Electrical problems? "Hire someone in the yellow pages." Your toilet is backed up? "Aidee do." (But Tiger don't.)

When the roof over Pete's liquor store leaked all over his merchandise with the first big rain, he called the property management company, to get a crew out to his store, to fix the leak as soon as possible.

He was told that if he wanted his roof fixed, then he should call someone to come out and do that.

Pete then says; "And send the bill to you?"

The owner's agent says; "If you want your roof repaired, then you pay for it."

Pete says; "It is in the lease that the owners have responsibility for this."

The owners agent says; "We are not going to repair your roof. If you don't like it, you can break the lease and leave. No penalties attached."

(2.) Landscaping, steam cleaning, trash removal, and cosmetic repairs to the structure cease.

This place became so so rundown and seedy looking that the Oxnard city council had this shopping center, that was a prime commercial jewel in west Oxnard, and looked the part, (until its systematic, deliberate destruction, which began right after the repairs) declared to be a; "blighted property."

What is even more interesting, from a; "What in the hell is going on here?" kind of perspective is this;

Tiger has many commercial property holdings, as nice, and nicer. They were being managed by the same management company, and all lease agreed upon obligations of the owner are met. The other properties are all verywell maintained. The appearance of these properties are kept up, from landscaping to maintenance.

(3.) The merchants are picked off one by one, over a two and a half year period.
(Like nobody was going to notice that Tiger's owners were deliberately destroying the businesses of the merchants that leased store fronts from them)

Once again, after these crazy "repairs", Tiger changes another fundamental aspect of the; "Leaser/Leasee relationship"

I call it Tiger's; "We rule, life is cruel, you're a fool, if you think your getting a lease renewal." strategy.

Its a deceptive, "Texas two-step" plan to divide, and conquer the remaining merchants. Here's how it was done.

Swing your merchant round and round.                                                                 Drive his business in the ground!
Raise their hopes. Crush their dreams.                                                                     By use of lies and souless schemes.                                                                              
When the first of the merchant that rents from Tiger is nearing that date when his lease expires. He probably wasn't all that worried about how much of a rent increase that Tiger would want.

Like all of the merchants, he had been there for years,and this wasn't his first lease renewal process that he had gone through with these boys.

He has a good business. Having built a solid base of people that patronize his store through the years. And you can bet that he doesn't want to start over somewhere else.

So he makes an appointment to discuss lease renewal with Tiger's agents.

Tiger's agent raises his hopes momentarily, just to dash them. By saying to this merchant, that has put money into the pockets of Tiger's owners, every month for years; "Yes, you can renew your lease with us. Although, your monthly rent payment will be more."

The merchant had expected this, so he is probably feeling emotions that are somewhere between happy and elated! Then, the merchant asks; "How much more?"

He is told that Tiger's owner's want (5) times more than the going rate for the same square footage anywhere in the county.

The merchant, that has just had the knife twisted in his gut, by Tiger's property agent, who has put this little charade together, as he was ordered to do. Just to spit on this mans hope of keeping his business, his life's work from being destroyed.

Tiger wants all the merchants out, but is reluctant, for some reason, to go after them all at once. They might band together, and call attention to..., what?

"Never you mind what!" Would be the owners honest answer, if they were of a nature to be honest, and answer. Which they are not.

So they do what anyone would do, that is really good at lying to people to get what you want from them. Which this time around was destroying the businesses of people that had leased store front from Tiger's owners for years. Most of them for over ten years. .

But they can't seem to resist doing something else. Something that wasn't required to achieve their aim.

Which was to make sure that at the end of the process that the merchants would know who destroyed their livelyhood.

The con man crowing at his victims misfortune.

The "Tricker" revealing to the "Trickee" the nature of the Trick. Blatantly proclaiming to them his pride at being the Trickster.

Rubbing salt in such wounds is beyond the basic run of the mill, sick sadistic urges of your garden variety sociopath.

This is a "Damn you all and what you think! You can't touch me!" mentallity.

Fueled by hundreds of millions of dollars in disposable income.

Below I detail the second "step" in Tiger's little dance of deception.

This part is designed to keep the remaining merchants from banding together and possibly discovering Tiger's "problem" and secret agenda to resolve it.

It is as elegant as it is Evil

STEP TWO: "We will make them all think "Happy Thoughts" until they are destroyed!"

About a year and three months into this slow, but certain removal of the merchants, and their businesses from Tiger's shopping center in west Oxnard, the remaining merchants are heard by Tiger's owners/agents to be grumbling. Worse, they were doing so in the presence of each other.

Tiger needs them to quit thinking about the dismal reality of their businesses fast approaching financial ruin, in the not too distant future.

They might put two, and two together, or hire a law firm that might. How can Tiger get these "already dead, they just don't know it yet" group of holdouts to think; "happy thoughts" as their businesses are led to slaughter?

No problem at all, if you have mastered the dark art of crafting whatever lie that you might need, then inserting it in to the psyche of the targeted people, as being something that they will think is wonderful and rock solid true.

Planted in their minds, in just the right way. At just the right time. The owners of Tiger, or one of their strategists is very good at such things.

People that master this dark art can bring about whatever outcome that they desire. Until they are caught at it and known by all for what they are, by what they've done.

"The Lie de jour." Brought to you by;Whodoo Inc.

With the remnants of the merchants that had businesses at this shopping center getting closer to forming a united, vocal, party that had valid legal issues that they could explore through litigation, of being lied to by Tiger's agents, as to what the owners intentions were. The; "DREAM BIGGER THAN YOU EVER HAVE" whodoo was put on these merchants, in this manner.

One day, in late 2000, to early 2001, the agent for Tiger's owners stops by each of the remaining merchants to have a; "hush, hush, don't tell a soul, hold onto your socks" kind of conversation with each and every one of them.

Like each one was the only merchant out of those remaining that was getting this; "You swear you won't tell a soul" inside information that is whispered into the poor guys ear, with periodic pauses to look all around for anyone that might be lurking nearby to over-hear such a magical conversation.

He tells the guy how he had wanted to tell him what had been secretly; "in the works" for months. Something that was now nearing fruition.

Pulling an envelope from his briefcase, that he shows is from the Vons Corp.'s corporate headquarters, and is addressed to Tiger Real Estate Fund LP.

After the merchant has absorbed this, a letter is extracted, the agent opens it to reveal the top, and only the top part of the letter.

Telling the guy that he shouldn't even be showing him this much, but he "knows" how hard it has been for this merchant. Not knowing why everything has been turned upside down. Not getting the answers that he deserved.

But; "this should take the sting out of all that." Tiger's agent says, as he lets the merchant see the Vons Corporation corporate letter head. With something like; "Office of Site Acquisitions" under the corporate logo.
(It should have read; "Cubicle of con artist's flim-flams.")

He is also allowed to see the first line of the letter. "This is in regards to your most recent
correspondence;re:The Vons Corporation's plan to build a Super store on Tiger Real Estate Fund LP land in Oxnard Calif."


Well, no. Not really. But damn! If they did, and they left the side businesses, which is a part of the whispered wishful thinking that Tiger's agent is assuring him is so. Why, that would be the; "win the lottery" best case scenario, that this merchant could ever imagine being true for him, and his business.

And imagine he does. Puffing on the heady opiate of his business being annexed to such a huge, beautiful cash magnet. An anchor that he could lash his business to that no financial storm could ever cast him adrift from again.

Can't he see now that the secrecy that surrounds such negotiations must be complete till the deal is finalized?

"It is finalized?" asks the merchant.

"Not quite, but soon." Says the agent.

What the property agent neglects to mention is this;


The subject of Tiger's initial letter to the Von's corporate offices, that Von's RETURN letter referred to was: "Von's Super Store built on Tiger Real Estate Property at Hemlock and Victoria, Oxnard, Calif.

Hence the re; preceding the subject of "TIGER'S  LETTER  TO  VONS.  THAT VONS  WAS  RESPONDING  TO!

As someone in management of Vons Corporation locally told me when I asked; "What ever happened to that plan the Vons Corp. had to build a super store at the shopping center at Hemlock and Victoria?"

He laughed, and said that there never was a plan. That this was just some fancy footwork by Tiger's owners, to; "razzle- dazzle" the merchants. Going on to say; "They never even danced, let alone kissed." (said in reference to the fact that there never was a negotiation between Tiger and Vons, beyond Tiger's letter, and Von's response.)

He stated that the only reason that it became common knowledge with in the local management of Vons, is because; towards the fall of 2001, there was a series of queries by merchants, and former merchants at Tiger's property, about the status of these "negotiations". Some former merchants, that were driven off at lease renewal, still clung to this pipe dream proffered by Tiger, and were asking how to sign up with Vons Corp. to lease store front when it was available.


Then the property agent for Tiger really slathers it on, with a little bubble of plausible, yet not factual information.

Something that would make sense, if taken in conjunction with the other information, "IF" the other information was true. Unfortunately for this, and every other merchant, it wasn't.

Tiger's agent tells him; "The Vons Corporate Officers have determined that the section of the shopping center that has the huge covered wooden deck and the ship anchor chain railings adds a "nautical charm" that is worth keeping."

This is the section of the shopping center where this merchant, and almost all the merchants remaining have their store fronts.

After hearing this, seeing the senders address, and Tiger's address as the recipient. Then that Vons Corporate letter head. Plus that first line of that letter; re: Vons Corp. plans to build a Vons Super Store on Tiger's property in Oxnard Calif. Keeping the deck, and anchor chain, yes! That would make sense.

This poor guy is now puffing away big time on this dream smoke. So the property agent tosses another big chunk in the bowl, and lights it up with these last few words;

"There plan is to bring down the old grocery store, and the few empty store fronts to its side, but they're going to leave the other half as is. With upgrades to roof, plumbing, electrical of course!" Says the agent.

Then Tiger's agent closes with a hard look to the eyes, as he reminds this guy to "tell no one. This is the most delicate stage."

It is that all right. The most delicate stage of the lie. Where you find out if the individual you are attempting to deceive has taken the bait, "hook, line, and sinker."

He did. They all did.

They were at the end of their financial rope, and were being thrown a line. Unfortunately, there was a big a*s hook on it, and the sinker was huge. It took them all the way to the bottom. Many thinking right up to the end that if they could just; "hold on" till this deal was finalized, surely before my lease runs out, everything was going to be OK.

Tiger got exactly what they wanted. Which was each merchant now advising caution, and patience in there dealings with the owners. The united stand was destroyed before it even took one collective step against the owners.

What Tiger did was brilliant. In an evil way.

Tiger's last big hurdle was exactly how to deal with Albertsons Grocery Store.

This was a major Corporation, and when their lease was still approx. 11 months away from expiring, Albertsons management began to; "seal the deal" on renewing their lease. After all, this was west Oxnard. Excellent traffic flow. Upper income demographics.


(they should have)

In their meetings with Tiger's owner/agents, the Albertson's team started from the gate telling Tiger's team that they were; "aware of the demands for 5 times the going rate" that was being put to everyone at lease renewal time.

This was a demand that no one could meet, and make a profit, and right here, Albertson's team should have realized; "Tiger did not want to rent this property to anyone."

They had watched the deliberate destruction of this shopping center. Hell, they had a front row seat.They watched merchant after merchant, no exceptions, driven off.

The corporate offices disregarded all this, and told their team to; "sweeten the deal." You don't find money making grocery sites like this everyday.

You don't find old crocodile property owners like Tiger's everyday either. Thank goodness.

So Albertson's team offers Tiger this;

                                                                                                                        REPLACE  YOUR  OLD  REFRIGERATION  COMPRESSOR.

Tiger ponders the imponderables

Tiger has a two fold problem with the Grocery store part of the shopping center. Getting rid of Albertsons in 11 months by outrageous demands for rent increase is not to difficult, but it creates a problem in and of itself, once done.

That being the fact that grocery stores are very competitive in southern Calif. and probably in most major population clusters everywhere. As soon as Albertsons is out, the talk is going to begin among all the major chains;


Tiger's compressor, freezers, coolers and lines may be older, but they are intact, and functional.

When it is learned that Tiger's owners have turned down a twenty percent increase in rent and over 800 thousand dollars in internal store upgrades for a four year lease renewal, the cat will be halfway out of the bag.  When people start checking into this strange set of circumstances, it won't take long for the cat to claw the other half of itself all the way out.  Game over for Tiger, as far as keeping the lid on what they are trying to do.

It wasn't going to take long before quite a few sharp individuals start smelling "blood in the water."

What is Tiger hiding? Why would they deliberately run an up and operating, money making, cash cow such as this property was, straight into the ditch?

After a little sniffing around, they'll find that Tiger isn't strapped for cash, their other holdings are fine, so what's going on? In other words; "questions, questions, questions."

And the answers will come. Count on it. If I figured this out, then others would too if they began looking into Tiger's strange doings at this property.

Tiger's owners, and dark side strategists, see the problem this offer poses for them, as a solution to not only Albertsons departure but the greater problem of fielding what they knew would be an avalanche of offers to rent this space afterward.

So they accept Albertsons offer.

On the condition that these upgrades were to be finished before the current lease was up. Albertsons complied. The work was done.

Then when Albertson's lease was up, Tiger demanded;

Oh yeah! They sure did!

Knowing full well that Albertson's managment would be so furious, that everything that they had upgraded would not only be removed, it would be;
Yanked out!
Ripped out!
Tore out!
And, let's not forget;
Cut out!

Resulting in the store being rendered un-rentable to any grocery chain, or for that matter, any merchant.

No electricity, freezer units, coolers, plumbing. With open and exposed walls, floors, and ceilings, this place was; "off the market."


This also resulted in an added bonus, to Tiger's overall plan of driving the merchants out.

The few remaining holdouts, who had till this moment been annexed to a major grocery store, were now on there own.

Instead of owning businesses that complimented a major chain grocery store, they were now a few businesses sprinkled here and there with boarded up storefronts out numbering them 3, or 4 , to one.

As for Albertson's former site; It looked like downtown Baghdad, after our troops took it.

Broken windows.
Copper ripped out of the walls.

It had been a pretty powerful "consumer magnet" which aided their businesses bottom lines as well.

No longer though. Tiger knew that with the anchor gone, profits for the remaining merchants would shrink to a point where the cost of doing business wouldn't be sustainable.

Meaning that the rest of the merchants would dry up and blowaway quicker. Some even before their leases ran out.

"There ain't to much to add, once all the subtracting is done."

The last large piece of the puzzle fell into place in June, or July, 2001. This came in the form of a three and a half page story in the L.A. Times that dealt with a major toxic chemical bloom, that was contaminating the groundwater, on the Naval Base at Port Hueneme.

It also had several "sonic" pictures, which showed this Toxic bloom over a period of years.

It was evident that this toxic bloom was moving inland from its source. This move inland was explained by two factors;

The first factor being;  The geological nature of west Oxnard, which primarily consists of a loose sandy soil;

The second factor being; The proximity of the immense ocean water pressure pushing inland through this loose sandy soil.

These two factors resulted in;
Toxic chemical blooms in west Oxnard being subject to a; SLIGHT,  BUT CONSTANT  PUSH  INLAND  FROM  THEIR  SOURCE.

This article went on to explain that even though this site was eligible for the EPA's superfund clean up list ,and would have been prioritized, due to its severity, they had been exempted, due to the fact that the govt. can't sue itself. yadda, yadda, yadda.

But something was going to have to be done in the next few years. Because as the sonic pictures clearly showed, this toxic bloom was poised to; leave the base boundary, at Ventura Rd.,and when it did, then the people that live there, and from there on for miles inland, will be impacted. (That's a euphemism for; "we're gonna get lawyers.")

(or at least much better)

With this article, everything that was strange, and without any reasonable connection to the other strange aspects , and incidences that had transpired at this shopping center locked into place to form an elaborate construct.

Elegantly designed and evil in its intent. that I could now view as a whole. It became understandable.

I understood the reasons that prompted the owners of Tiger to chart this course.

I understood why each strange, mystifying, action, attitude, and scheme that had come to life here over the two and a half years, that seemed to make no sense at all, were in fact well thought out actions. Albeit, for the most part illegal.

I also understood that this was dangerous information.

I knew that it was very dangerous for me to now what I now did.


First; Discovery, of a leaking, chemical tank underneath the dry-cleaners.

Then; Removal of contaminated soil;  CLOSEST  TO  THE  LEAKING  TANK.

Then; Containment.

Then; Monitoring the sight. By the use of test wells.

The water analysis wells that were drilled in 1999;

The "repairs" to a shifting foundation that were something else;

The two tractor ore car loads of soil removed from under the dry-cleaners;

The seepage into this dig under the dry-cleaners that was pumped into over fifty, 55 gallon drums, then hauled away;

The test well left exposed just behind the dig, that water samples were periodically taken from;

Then; IF;