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8 Years Ago

Okay, so obviously its great to practice writing, write everyday, and its fun to do different activities with writing. Sooo, reply giving me some fun activities and explain them. Heres mine: GROUP STORY SWAP!!! this is when you have a huge group of people and you have time on your hands. You will need a notebook and a pen. Basically what you do is you sit at a table and each person has a turn. The person who starts will have five minutes to jot down some story ideas and start. When the 5minutes is up the first person will read what they wrote and pass it to the next person. The next person will also have 5minutes and either start writing the story using the ideas the first person jotted down or continue what they wrote. When their five minutes are up they will read what they wrote, pass it to the next person and continue the prossess until a person decides to end the story. Then you read what the finial peice is.