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9 Years Ago

Hey guys, thank you so so much for joining this little club that I just thought of lately. I have been in constant state of this so-called Writer's Block these past few days, and I know most of us have experienced this every once in a while. Feel free to post threads, forums, and add your works. Your pieces could be inspiration to others, your styles could just give ideas to 'those in need' right now. And also, let's try to expand this and invite other friends.   Let's all make this as active as we can.   There's a contest going on with the WBC acronym, and it's a challenge you should accept. Have fun with the pink striped sock! Check it out if you don't know what I'm talking about.   And since you're members now, you are officially WBC Doctors!   Thanks. Takecare. Godbless.[:   -irisjayne