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the story that never was

12 Years Ago

Hi folks

A few days ago, I was on a role playing site that involves people typing out stories of their own characters and interacting with other members'  characters. It's been weeks since I've actually role played with anyone and I decided that I wanted to develop a new plot for my ever complicated character, Mélodie. The story came to me a little easier  than expected, starting with the mention of how the sun finally  came out after a long period of bad weather and continuing with the every day pains of getting up in the morning and getting ready for  the day.

I was using my brother's laptop at the time and I have made much progress, but because I wasn't used to his laptop, I accidentally went back a page and when I went forward, I lost everything that I've typed up. I've been trying to start over again, but every time I look at the blank text box, I can't seem to figure out how to start. This isn't the first time this has happened to me, but then I was able to type up a story that was erased by accident before.

help? Thanks :)

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12 Years Ago

This can be a great chance for you on the other hand. It sure is disaster and I know what you mean. I lost my draft for first chapter of a book that I wanted to write, but then I worked on it a bit more and I created something completely different and may I say much better (not to mention bigger and more detailed).

To get away from the curse of blank screen think of the first few sentences you want to write. Think them out word to word before you sit down and write them. When you know how you want them sit down and type them. Read them again few times and continue from there. Use any stimulus to writing you need (ex. music). That should do the trick.