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Name for character

12 Years Ago

Hi everybody!
I'm currently stuck with one of my biggest stories and I seriously need a help. As you can guess it has to do with the name of a character. I've been stuck with this for about three months and I can't get moving. I'm trying to create a futuristic name that has roots in an ancient language of one species called Axxoni.
The name is identical to that of an ancient book of this species that made their culture to develop the way it did.
I'm desperate at this point and that's why I'm turning to you.

I have some requirements for the name:
1. In translation it means: 'Storyteller of Dimensions' (where do you think my pen name came from :D)
2. The order should be reverted, something like in Japanese:
Tifa no Theme - translated as: Tifa's theme
Expect without the 'no' part
BUT if you think it sound better in typical western order (Name Surname) then post it also.
3. Please no: ' -
4. It should be easy to pronounce (and to remember.)
5. The surname CAN sound like some name of old kingdom or royal house
6. It should not sound or be related too much to any culture (on Earth)

To add some more helpful informations:
Thro'ael - another race that has a lot off common with Axxoni - "Thro" means thinker/wise man and "ael" means great

Some sound suggestions so far, but still not it:
Narian Nadey

I would appreciate any suggestion, even if you don't think it's as good. It might trigger the inspiration I was looking for.
Thank you all in advance! If you need anything just ask!