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12 Years Ago

This is quite possably the best group ever, I'm gogin through a huge dose of writer's block and have been since about this time last year, I'm only just beggening to see the end of it. : D 

help. me. please. lol

Sp, how is everyone? 

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11 Years Ago

Well, I've had writers block for like forever. And recently I was browsing the internet trying to find ideas to cure it.
Some of the causes were the fear that what you're writing is crap. So to cure that fear, just let yourself go. Like, think you're writing to no one, not even yourself. You're just writing~
Also, it might be because we have no form (or plan of action) in mind for what we're writing. Just like a chair- It's difficult to make a chair without knowing how tall it will be, where the legs will be, or what it's shaped like...etc. So, if we have no plan of action, how will we know to write? Not saying that you should write "form" poetry, but have a "plan of action" as I call it.

I've written a few poems since I came across that, so maybe it'll help you!