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No plot?

10 Years Ago

Are you stuck with your story plot? Is your characters trying to veer off to one side, when you want them to meet the evil overlord right now? Or, do you have the "wonderful" Writer's Block? Then, present your problems and we would do our very best to help you.

Actually, I suggest the website Write or Die, if you can't think of anything to write. It's this website that you put in a time limit (i.e. 20 min.) and a word count goal (i.e. 600 words) and then you start writing on a word document online. They have a different levels that do different things. The easiest just play an annoying song if you stop writing after a few seconds, the middle one just make the background change colors, and the hardest one actually changes the background and delete your words if you stop writing. I find it a great way to write if I need to and can't think of anything. Sure, it gives you no time to edit your writing. But, you will have something down which is our first goal, right?