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Welcome New Members

8 Years Ago

Welcome New Members.
I am glad to have you on board. This group is called "Writer's Review Group." It is to give everyone a chance to be read and be given an unbiased review.
Our group will also run contests every month, so every one will be able to at some point be rewarded an award for their writing.
The rules are posted over the group is and they are simple enough to follow.
Participation is necessary. So I am sure everyone looks forward to reading your stories, poems, and etc.
Every month I will hold one new contest in a different genre and every one may enter it. There will be five awards and I am sure that everyone can write a new story or poem about the genre.
No Pre-writes will be accepted.
A Pre-write is a story or poem written before the date of the contest is started.
This group will not tolerate Grammar Nazi's or Website Trolls. If I find one he/she will be removed from the group immediately.
I do insist that you watch your Spelling and Grammar.
Our group will provide inspiration, support, and friendship to everyone  who joins it.
Welcome once again.