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This dedicated writer's group is for serious fiction writers of murders, romance, westerns, fantasy and science fiction novels, novellas and short stories. It is for the commited who write daily especially in the morning (am) and their discipline towards their work precedes everything else. Writers, write. How long you write is an individual decision but you must write daily with no days off. You should be able to share with others in the group on a variety of helpful suggestions and pointers from how to tell the world to go away to when do you use then or than.
Critiques are voluntary but only helpful constructive mature critiquing is advicated. It does not matter if you 'like' it what matters is can you aid a fellow writer in improving their craft. The goal is to encourage, exhort and support your fellow writer so they (and you) will have a completed polished publishable work. Then we can all party and celebrate each others success. Serious writers only, please. Are you game?

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