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What makes a Buddhist?

9 Years Ago

"well, if you care i am extremely intrigued by your About Me section. i have not read any of your work yet but u do seem interesting although i think u may be lost.... just a thought. but anyways, how can u be a budist (i know i spelt it wrong) and yet still talk so aggressively?? jw.... normal budists are passive people.. some times to tthe extreme passive...."
A fellow writer on here sent this to me, and to which I responded:
Buddhism isn’t passivism. There is no set structure on Buddhism to begin with. If people want to be passive and keep the Dharma, let them. My Dharma just doesn’t work that way. In the end, you’re only Buddhist for the practice, to act compassionately, and make life suck less. That’s the main reason Sidhartha began to spread Buddhism, if you’ve read his basic story.   And there is a good possibility I’m lost, but Buddhism doesn’t:   Restrict you in anyway. Doesn’t discriminate in anyway. Doesn’t give you a set code to do everything by.   Uphold the precepts to the best of your ability, act compassionately towards others, and constantly continue your practice.   P.s. I discovered Buddhism through a man I originally thought was the world’s biggest a*****e. I hope this helped you understand more. If you have anything to ask, I’m here. Didn’t mean to sound quite like a prick, but well, I kinda did.   -Jack Young
I just wanted to know if anyone else had a different view that I may not be seeing as clearly.