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Helloooo out there! :-)

2 Months Ago

Hellooooooo out there! Just seeing if this group is still active. I sure hope so. I love the idea of having a Buddhist Writer's group. My name is Aimee. I practice the best I can with what cards I've been dealt in life. It's a constant recurrence of impermanence, which I'd like to believe is steered generally in the "right" direction. Anywho, I'd love to chat with you folks about all kinds of stuff, heavy and fluffy. ;-) 

Here's a nice question to kick things up a bit if anyone is out there. What, from a Buddhist perspective, do you think is more important: being your authentic self, or following rituals and language that, although traditional, do not speak to or connect with your inner being? For example, when you meditate, would you rather meditate on a sanskrit phrase you don't understand or pick your own mantra that tugs at your "soul" so to speak? 

Ok, even if I don't get a response, it was nice "chatting".