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10 Years Ago

Hello~ I'm a new member here.
My name is hanna but you can call me strawberry.
I'm 14 (turning 15 Jan. 28th) and am currently writing a book of my own.

The reason I chose to write a book was mainly because of my sister, and my siblings. Usually, whenever i sit down in the living room and read a..let's say, 400 or 500 page book, my siblings tell me that I read for fun way more than they've read their entire lives (excluding school textbooks of course). My sister told me the other day that I should try writing and see if I'm good at it, since I have been reading since forever.
I thought I'd give it a try. So Here I am. Writing my own book.
If you want to read it, its here 

But I didn't come here to advertise my book. I came to say hello to everyone in the group ^^
Nice to meet you~ :)